The Onion to Launch TV Show on IFC

They paved the way in fake print journalism, so fake TV news seems like a logical next step for The Onion.

The Onion News Network’s FactZone will begin airing on IFC in early 2011. As the show’s press release puts it, “With more attack satellites than any other network and nearly a million surveillance cameras in cities, homes, and high-level government offices across the nation, ONN’s FactZone is the nation’s number-one source for breaking news, screaming political arguments, and vital information on missing teenage Caucasian girls.”

The half-hour show will feature cohosts Brooke Alvarez (“able to seamlessly segue from a grisly death to a cute animal story in the blink of a stunningly beautiful eye”) and Tucker Hope (“the recipient of several industry awards for skilled manipulation of his high-tech touchscreen monitor, The Recon Wall 4000”). Bring on the facts, we say.