Watch Jay Reatard's Final Interview

Jay Reatard
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Vice’s New Garage Explosion, Part 1 has surfaced, and it includes the late garage-rock firebrand Jay Reatard’s final interview.

Reatard is just one of the many artists who weigh in on the state of garage rock in the 25-minute documentary. As Vice notes, “To find out what American garage rock looks like (and to know what it’s like to be in an independent band) right now, VBS toted a bunch of cameras around the USA and found a scene that was vibrant, loud, eloquent, fucked up, and nearly impossible to define. The musicians, artists, writers, deejays and label owners that we talked to could only be united by a single common thread—their commitment to music that they enjoyed, on their terms, at whatever cost necessary (or, in some cases, unnecessary).”

Check it out below (Reatard first pops up around the 3:40 mark):