James Franco is Putting Out an Album

James Franco
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Apparently, hosting the Oscars, attending grad school, penning short stories, guest-starring on General Hospital (as a performance art exercise, nonetheless!), making out with himself for New York Magazine and being a pretty swell movie star aren’t enough to keep James Franco busy. Next year, he’ll release an album.

He’ll serve as one half of the duo Kalup and Franco, teaming up with performance artist Kalup Linzy. “In 2011, we will release an album, produce some videos and live performances, more TV, and work on my feature film debut,” Linzy said in a statement. Franco’s company Rabbit Bandini Productions will produce the movie, and he’ll reportedly co-star.

No word on specific release dates, but get a taste of the group—whose slogan is “where dreams, art, music, films, soap operas, real life, and performance art collide”—performing below.