Exclusive: Listen to Kristian Bush Play a Sugarland/Billy Pilgrim Live Mash-Up

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Paste has been tracking the career of Atlanta’s Kristian Bush for as long as we’ve been around.

We first discovered Bush at our local legendary venue, Eddie’s Attic, playing with his old Billy Pilgrim partner Andrew Hyra, and were blown away. Of course, the past few years have seen Bush tear up the country-music charts, win numerous awards and sell millions of records as half of the country duo Sugarland. Sugarland has been an oddity in the Nashville country-music scene since its introduction. The duo is a rare mainstream pop country act that actually writes its own songs. Bush’s background as a singer-songwriter has served him well. Each year, on the weekend after Thanksgiving, he showcases his old singer-songwriter chops with a set of acoustic solo shows back at Eddie’s where it all began.

This year there was one little nugget that particularly stood out, and we’re happy to share it with you. Sugarland’s new album, The Incredible Machine, contains a rare Bush lead vocal (nearly all Sugarland music features the vocals of Jennifer Nettles) on a short reprise of the album’s title cut. At the Eddie’s shows last weekend, Bush mashed up his “Incredible Machine” reprise with a song any Billy Pilgrim fan loves, “Insomniac”—two songs created nearly 20 years apart. Enjoy: