Mark Wahlberg Wants to Make an Entourage Movie

Mark Wahlberg
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In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Mark Wahlberg revealed his hopes for an Entourage movie.

Wahlberg, who serves as the show’s executive producer, told the magazine that production on the movie wouldn’t start until after the show ends its eight-season run on HBO in the summer, which means we’ll get to talk about it for at least another year or so. “We want it to happen,” he said. “We have one last season left on TV, and then it would probably take place after the finale. There are places to go. I’m still here all these years later, aren’t I? My story didn’t end in my 20s.”

Quality is of the utmost importance to Wahlberg as well, as he added, “We won’t make it if we don’t have a good script.”