Pink Floyd Wins Right to Keep Albums Intact

Pink Floyd
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Pink Floyd   recently won a court battle with EMI that will prevent the label from selling the band’s tracks individually.

The band now has a clause in its contract with EMI that ensures that only whole Pink Floyd albums will be sold online. The group took issue with EMI’s “entitlement to sell individual tracks, or indeed any tracks, otherwise than in the original configuration of the Pink Floyd albums,” according to their lawyer Robert Howe.

The case was initially won by Pink Floyd in Britain’s High Court back in March, but EMI appealed the decision. On Tuesday (Dec. 14), the Court of Appeal again ruled in their favor.

The battle between Pink Floyd and EMI is far from over, however. The band is still duking it out in court with the label over an alleged £10 million in unpaid royalties from 2002-2007.