Russell Crowe Launches Twitter Campaign for Master and Commander Sequel

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Peter Weir’s 2003 movie Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World was a modest success at best (perhaps Russell Crowe’s performance as Lucky Jack was overshadowed by that year’s other boat captain named Jack), but Crowe seems to think it warrants a sequel.

The actor recently launched a Twitter campaign to garner support for a second M&C flick, tweeting, “If you want a Master and Commander sequel I suggest you e-mail Tom Rothman at Fox and let him know your thoughts.”

The original was based on a 20-book series by Patrick O’Brian, so there’s plenty of material to draw from, but a Fox spokesman responded to Crowe’s tweets by saying, “Getting a lot of tweets about Master & Commander sequel, I’ll look into it (I’d love one, too, but as you all know a LOT goes into it.)”

In the meantime, watch the trailer for the original below and decide whether you’re itching to see part two.