Soundgarden Working on New Album?

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In a recent interview with a Canadian radio station (via Spin), guitarist Kim Thayil hinted that a new Soundgarden album may be in the works soon.

“We’ve come up with instrumental, and certainly on occasion, lyrical ideas,” he said. “I’m not confirming anything, but it’s impossible for us to get in a room and not come up with ideas. It’s very likely in the future, perhaps sooner than later, we’ll get together and de-emphasize the rehearsing part and emphasize the jamming part.”

Before any new material gets released, however, the band will be putting out a live album and a B-sides collection. “We had a live album in the can just waiting for someone to mix it,” Thayil said. “We wanted to do a B-side album and that might be two or three albums. We’ll be doing other shows and working on releasing some albums from deeper in our catalog.”