James Bond Composer John Barry: 1933-2011

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James Bond Composer John Barry: 1933-2011

Composer John Barry passed away on Sunday from a heart attack, his family told officials. The five-time Oscar winner is best known for his scores for a dozen James Bonds films, including You Only Live Twice, A View To Kill and Goldfinger. He was 77.

Barry began his musical career in 1957 when he founded the jazz group, the John Barry Seven. Over the next 50 years he composed scores for many other films. Body Heat and Midnight Cowboy are among the the films he created music for, earning Oscars for Born Free (1966), The Lion in the Winter (1968) , Out of Africa (1968) and Dances with Wolves (1990).

Barry is survived by his wife Laurie, four children and five grandchildren.