David Byrne and Will Oldham Scoring Sean Penn Movie

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David Byrne and Will Oldham Scoring Sean Penn Movie

Music legend David Byrne was tapped last year to score an upcoming film starring Sean Penn, but it now seems that he will be joined on the project by Will Oldham, the bearded songwriter perhaps best known as Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy. Both talents have had their share of experiences with composing for the screen in the past. Byrne has produced work for the HBO-series Big Love, the David Mackenzie film, Young Adam, as well as both Wall Street films. Songs by Oldham have been featured in films such as An Injury to One, The Broken Giant and Palermo Shooting.

The Paolo Sorrentino-directed film, This Must Be The Place, focuses on an aging rock star, portrayed by Penn, in pursuit of the man who executed his father, an ex-Nazi war criminal who has taken refuge in the U.S.

The nature of the music is largely unknown at this point. However, Byrne has described his role as “tiny” and adding that he wished to remain mostly in the background. “Most of the music, I’m doing, I’m hoping that you won’t know it’s me,” he said. “It will be sung by another person in the movie, not Sean Penn.”

This Must Be The Place shares its title with a Talking Heads song of the same name and also features performances by Frances McDormand and Harry Dean Stanton. At this time there is no official release date for the film.