Dr Dre's Detox to Drop on 4/20?

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Dr Dre's <em>Detox</em> to Drop on 4/20?

Producer Just Blaze recently tweeted a video that very strongly suggests that Dr. Dre’s upcoming album, Detox, will drop on April 20, a day commonly associated with smoking a certain illegal substance that Dre’s probably never even tried. /sarcasm

In the clip, Blaze refers to the February release of Saigon’s forthcoming album, following up with the question, “But then guess what else comes out?” to which Dre responds, “Pow pow, 420 baby, 420, I’m comin’!” A rep tells EW that no date is confirmed, and this record has been delayed for a while, so we won’t be holding our breath, if you’ll excuse the phrasing.

With confirmed rumors of Jay-Z appearing on a track, this news almost makes you forget that Dre was recently spoofed by Glee. Then again, why would you want to? That was awesome.