Facebook Failing in Japan

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Facebook Failing in Japan

Although Facebook seems to be in every part of U.S. culture and daily life, unfortunately for Mark Zuckerberg, the trend is not as strong in Japan.

With Japan reported as having one of the biggest online advertising markets in the world, Zuckerberg is missing out by not being able to gain a strong presence. Less than 2 percent of the online population in Japan is using Facebook, but that doesn’t mean the Japanese are not using social-networking sites.

More than 20 million people use popular social networking sites Mixi and Gree in Japan. These sites provide users with a level of anonymity that Facebook users are not privy to. They are able less likely to reveal their identities or their day-to-day happenings and are given levels of protection. Blogging is a large facet of the Japanese online culture, but a tool that is missing from Facebook. This, along with what is reported as a poorly translated site, has had a hand in Facebook’s lack of popularity in Japan.