Watch Josh Groban Sing Kanye West's Tweets

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Josh Groban recently appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live to promote a new, upcoming, fictional album. Surprisingly, the singer-songwriter did not use his writing talents, but instead chose to transform Kanye West’s Tweets into song.

Groban performed snippets of songs from the fake album in a commercial-style skit. As he sat behind a piano, he sweetly sang some of West’s most random tweets. “I make awesome decisions in bike store”, “Classical music is tight yo.” and “I love me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” are just a few of the gems he chose to transform into music. The faux record, Josh Groban’s The Best Tweets of Kanye West, includes 752 original songs on 48 CDs and is “available” in stores right now.

Shame it’s not real, but maybe Groban will release a song for a free download? For now, watch below:

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