Led Zeppelin iPhone/iPad App Released

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Led Zeppelin iPhone/iPad App Released

Die-hard Led Zeppelin fans just got a new way to express their undying love. Last week, the “This Day in Led Zeppelin” iPhone/iPad app was released, featuring a comprehensive amount of information about the band. Within the Zeppelin app, fans can see songs notes for every Zeppelin track released, a 365-day calendar with band tidbits pertaining to each day and play an in-depth round of Zeppelin trivia.

App creator Neil Cossar, who also made the popular precursor “This Day in Music,” spent over a year researching all things Led Zeppelin. “I had the idea of making individual apps for some of the biggest acts in the world, and thought the best one to start with would be Zeppelin, because of their iconic status,” Cossar elaborated on his latest app in a recent statement.

On top of that, Zep-app users can listen to any of the band’s tracks one owns within the application. So not only can you learn about the details behind your favorite Led Zeppelin track, but now you can also take on your musical history lesson while listening to that same song.