MPAA Shuts Down 50+ Torrent Sites

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MPAA Shuts Down 50+ Torrent Sites

The Motion Picture Association of America and Dutch anti-piracy advocacy group BREIN terminated over 50 torrent sites after bringing their massive copyright violations to the attention of each respective site’s hosting providers.

According to CNN, 12 of the torrent sites shut down originated in the U.S., while over 40 were found abroad. In order to prevent closed sites from potentially reopening under a similar domain name, the list of sites have not been disclosed. This news comes on the heels of a 70-plus torrent site crackdown by the Department of Homeland Security back in November.

One site, TorrentFreak, claims BREIN “has (temporarily) disabled more than 1,000 torrent sites in The Netherlands, and they are now helping the MPAA towards doing the same in the U.S.” BREIN has also help to control piracy in numerous other countries including Britain, Canada, France and Germany.