Spotify and Shazam Sync Together

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Spotify and Shazam Sync Together

Purchasing new music just got easier thanks to the union of music services Spotify and Shazam. The companies have joined forces so that iPhone and Android users will be able to identify music with Shazam and buy the songs from Spotify immediately after.

The London-based company Shazam reportedly has a library of more than 10 million songs. When a user holds up a phone to a song playing on a stereo, television, radio or other device the service is able to access its database and identify the song from there. According to the company’s website, Shazam has been used by more than 50 million people in over 150 countries since its launch in 2002.

Spotify is a Swedish company that was founded in 2006 and allows users to access to over 10 million streaming songs. Users are also able to purchase any of the music available in the Spotify collection. It is a free, though they do offer a subscription service that allows users to listen to songs without ads.

Reuters reports that users who already have Shazam’s premium app on phones that use Google’s Android software or have an iPhone will be able to immediately access the new service. Shazam’s basic app will gain the Spotify feature later.