2k Games Announces The Darkness II

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2k Games Announces <em>The Darkness II</em>

2k Games has announced The Darkness II, a sequel to 2007’s critically acclaimed but often overlooked first person shooter, which featured a unique storyline, quality gameplay, and one of the most compelling relationships seen in a videogame.

The Darkness introduced us to Jackie Estacado, a mob hitman who makes a deal with an otherworldly being to gain the power of “The Darkness.” Two years later, Jackie is now Don of the Franchetti crime family, however, he struggles with both the death of his girlfriend and the growing power of The Darkness inside him.

The Darkness II will feature a “quad-wielding” combat system allowing players to slash, grab, and throw objects with their two demon arms, while simultaneously dual-wielding weapons, a system which will open up new combat mechanics and gameplay options for players.

The Darkness II is due out on Xbox 360 and WindowsPC this fall.