Beatles Museum Opens in Argentina

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Beatles Museum Opens in Argentina

An independent collector of Beatles memorabilia has revealed a portion of his collection to the public, opening a museum in Argentina.

Rodolfo Vazquez is the owner of the collection that is now Latin America’s first museum devoted to the Beatles. A third of his personal stock is on display and will reportedly be renewed every year.

Everything from pens to figurines and even condoms with John Lennon’s picture stamped on them are on display. There is also a brick from the Liverpool Club “The Cavern” where the Beatles first performed that was auctioned when the building was demolished in 1983. None of the 2,500 articles on display ever belonged to a member of the Beatles. “For a collector, all objects are important, but the most precious piece for me is an autograph from Lennon dating from 1972,” said Vazquez, who is also the owner of a bar called The Cavern Argentina.