Black Swan Composer to Score Mass Effect 3

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<em>Black Swan</em> Composer to Score <em>Mass Effect 3</em>

Upcoming action-RPG space epic Mass Effect 3 just got a bit more epic. Black Swan and Requiem for a Dream composer Clint Mansell revealed in an interview with The Quietus that he would be bringing his dark, brooding style to BioWare’s upcoming threequel.

“With something like Mass Effect, you’re more like a DJ, with all these elements. You’ve got the holding pattern, then the big explosion where you need the score to kick in,” Mansell told The Quietus. “You’ve got all these different elements that change depending on what the player does. You have to figure out an overall symphony, but be able to break it down into component parts.”

Mass Effect 3 is scheduled for a holiday 2011 release on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.