Death Cab For Cutie Reveals New Album

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Death Cab For Cutie Reveals New Album

Death Cab For Cutie  announced on its website today that the band’s new album, Codes and Keys, will be released May 31 on Atlantic Records.

On BBC Radio, Chris Walla informed host Zane Lowe that the first single will likely be “You Are A Tourist.” Walla also said that producer Alan Moulder will be mixing the record, and that the band retreated from its typical guitar strumming and instead focused on using synths and reverb.

Singer Ben Gibbard told Spin the band took inspiration from Brian Eno’s Another Green World, although that inspiration won’t lead Death Cab far from its roots, according to bassist Nick Harmer, who added, “There are definitely guitars on this record. There are just less of them than before, and we’re using them in different ways this time.”

Gibbard also said, “I’m so proud of this album that at this point I don’t care if people don’t like it.”