How Much are Your Tweets Worth?

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How Much are Your Tweets Worth?

Twitter was recently valued at $10 billion. “How do the millions of Twitter users fit into this?” you ask. Well, Esquire has the answer.

The magazine has developed a formula to to assess the Tweet value of individual accounts. Check out the excerpt from the article below to calculate your own Twitter IPO.

“It’s not as simple as who’s got the most “followers” though. Our equation, to determine what shall henceforth be known as the My Twitter IPO (#MyTwitterIPO) number, works like so:

• We took Twitter’s $10B valuation and divided it by Twitter’s 195 million users = $51.28
• Take anyone’s follower count, divide it by 27 (2010’s average follower count) = Tweet Cache Index (TCI)
• Take the TCI, multiply it by $51.28 = Tweet Cache Index Value (TCIV)
• TCIV divided by user’s number of tweets = #MyTwitterIPO

To review, that’s:

twitter IPO.jpg

Using that formula — which attempts to account for the cachet or influence carried by each tweet, according to basic laws of supply (your tweets) and demand (your follower) ...”

Turns out, @PasteMagazine is worth right around $15.78 per Tweet. How did you do?