Inq Develops Facebook-Centric Phones

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Inq Develops Facebook-Centric Phones

Facebook addicts will soon be able to overshare with the new Inq Cloud Touch and Inq Cloud Q social mobile phones. Inq recently premiered|aim|dl8|sec1_lnk3|43322 the new phones that prominently feature Facebook. The goal of these social-media phones is to make using Facebook easier through a cell phone. The home screen is an enhanced Facebook widget that keeps users notifications, updates and news at the forefront. Also, Facebook’s Social Graph API automatically selects your top top-five most visited friends and presents you with their information when you open the app.

Spotify Premium and Fluency, the latter a typing prediction engine, have also been added to the Android phones for ease and entertainment. Inq’s Cloud Touch will be available in the UK in April, worldwide release dates for the phone are unknown.