James Franco to Teach Course on...James Franco

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James Franco to Teach Course on...James Franco

When an individual teaches a class about oneself, it’s usually the result of some remarkable achievement accomplished over the course of one’s life work. But in the case of James Franco, that’s a different story. The Freak-turned-superstar actor will soon be teaching a class at Columbia College Hollywood titled “Master Class: Editing James Franco…with James Franco.”

In the film course, students will extensively study the life of the actor by each creating a 30-minute documentary about this year’s Oscars co-host. Using visual content already supplied by Franco himself, his students will aim to “create a cinematic image of James Franco.” Franco himself will teach his students through Skype, and on occasion even show up in person to educate his class. In case this news did not have enough Franco already in it, the classes about Franco taught by Franco will all be used for a later documentary on, you guessed it, Franco.

In other Franco-related news, the actor will also take on Broadway in addition to the myriad other projects he has undertaken. Franco will now take part in an upcoming rendition of Tennessee Williams’ Sweet Bird of Youth alongside Nicole Kidman.

Franco, Franco, Franco. Franco, Franco. Franco! Franco, Franco, Franco, Franco….