The Flaming Lips Release 12-Part Cell Phone Symphony

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The Flaming Lips Release 12-Part Cell Phone Symphony

The psychedelic freakshow that is the Flaming Lips has just released its first musical endeavor of 2011. The digital streaming “single” titled “Two Blobs Fucking” is actually made up of 12 individual tracks that, when combined with their melodic counterparts, create a unique composition that is the first of its kind in this form.

The Flaming Lips  have been known to experiment with ideas such as this in the past. The 1997 album Zaireeka is made up of four discs intended to played all at once. Around the same time, the band produced “The Parking Lot Experiments” and “The Boombox Experiments” inviting fans to simultaneously play cassette tapes issued by the band with varying pieces of music through their car stereos and ghetto blasters to create a psychedelic symphony conducted by the band.

Now, the next logical step has come to fruition with “Two Blobs Fucking,” which was specifically designed to be utilized with the mobile devices that dominate our increasingly digital culture. “Imagine the lo-fi symphonic joy that you, along with family, friends, pets, and others, will create at the touch of a button,” reads a press release. “The more devices, the more harmonic possibilities can be constructed. You and your device, at one with the music, become the orchestra, just as the Gods of Technology naturally intended it to be.”

All 12-parts are now streaming on the Flaming Lips’ YouTube channel along with more information.

Watch the instructional video below: