Two Worlds 2 Review

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<em>Two Worlds 2</em> Review <br>(Multi-Platform)

There's an old parable about six blind men touching an elephant and coming up with different interpretations for what it could be. "It's a rope," says the man feeling its tail. "A pillar," says the man groping its leg. And so on and so forth. Two Worlds 2 is like that elephant; switching between a generic fantasy epic, a campy B-game, knowing parody, down to earth drama, scrappy dungeon crawl, or a rip-roaring adventure depending on which part of the game is being played. And although the game may be hard to pin down, that doesn't stop its surreal, eclectic nature from being strangely alluring.

Two Worlds 2 was developed by Reality Pump and published by TopWorld Interactive. It is available on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.

Jeffrey Matulef is a freelance videogame journalist based in Portland, OR. His work has appeared at G4TV, Eurogamer, Joystiq, and Gamasutra among other places. He can be found on twitter @mrdurandpierre.

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