Comcast Wants to "Destroy" Writer's Guild, Says Writer's Guild

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Comcast Wants to "Destroy" Writer's Guild, Says Writer's Guild

Two members of the Writer’s Guild of America West (WGAW), Chip Johannessen and Patric M. Verrone, have composed a lengthy statement detailing their dissatisfaction with cable giant Comcast’s handling of the Writer’s Guild union.

Writers for E!, Style and G4 voted to join the WGA on Dec. 14, but Comcast called the results an “invalid poll,” resulting in dismissal of the votes. Comcast then stated it would not recognize the writers’ affiliation with the WGA until they underwent a formal process with the National Labor Relations Board, according to TheWrap.

But the statement by the WGAW implies Comcast is not perturbed by the aforementioned vote, but merely unions in general; that opinion is supported by Comcast’s training manual: “Comcast does not feel union representation is in the best interest of its employees, customers, or shareholders.”

“What they’re interested in is the same kind of foot-dragging, strong-arm tactics and deceit they’ve deployed against every effort to unionize elsewhere,” the statement reads. “Sid Sheinberg saw this industry’s need to invent our Guild; Comcast sees only a need to destroy it.”

Neither Comcast nor the WGA were available when TheWrap tried contacting them.