Beyond Good & Evil HD Review (XBLA)

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<em>Beyond Good & Evil HD</em> Review (XBLA)

I don't have much nostalgia for old videogames. While some classics maintain the test of time, most games from my youth no longer hold my interest when put up against more modern titles. Michel Ancel's seminal 2003 classic Beyond Good & Evil may not be ancient, but the industry's evolved a lot since then. So I went into its high-def portwith trepidation, expecting yet another fond memory to be dashed. Happily, I found that BG&E was so far ahead of its time that today’s games are still playing catch up.

Beyond Good & Evil HD was developed and published by by Ubisoft. It is available digitally via the Xbox Live Arcade.

Jeffrey Matulef is a freelance videogame journalist based in Portland, OR. His work has appeared at G4TV, Eurogamer, Joystiq, and Gamasutra among other places. He can be found on twitter @mrdurandpierre.