Anthony Bourdain Hired as Treme Writer

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Anthony Bourdain Hired as <em>Treme</em> Writer

Culinary/travel badass Anthony Bourdain was recently recruited to write one of the many complex, intertwining plot lines on David Simon’s Treme. The host of the popular Travel Channel show No Reservations was a consultant for a few details of the show’s first season. For the second season, Bourdain will be writing a thread of the show focused on a woman in New Orleans, struggling to keep her small but acclaimed restaurant going during the wake of Hurricane Katrina.

Simon recently admitted to that he initially sought Bourdain’s expertise as “a lame excuse to have lunch with him,” but was so impressed with his work that he invited him to write an entire episode of the show. Bourdain respectfully declined, saying he didn’t feel familiar enough with some of the show’s other elements, particularly jazz musicians in New Orleans, to write a whole episode. However, the celebrity chef said he was very excited to be working with Simon in this new capacity. “I’ve said many times, and believe it absolutely, that The Wire was the single greatest achievement of the television medium,” Bourdain told, speaking of Simon’s previous and much-lauded series. “So when suddenly I get a phone call from David Simon inviting me to lunch and asking me if I’d be interested in working on the show, it really was like being a lifelong Yankees fan and having Joe DiMaggio call up and say, ‘How about we throw the ball around in the back yard.’ It was really that out of the blue, that seismic of an event for me.”

Treme ’s second season premieres April 24 on HBO.