Batman Being Reinvented (Again) with Christopher Nolan As Producer

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Batman Being Reinvented (Again) with Christopher Nolan As Producer

The president of the Warner Bros.’ motion picture group, Jeff Robinov, recently told the L.A. Times, “We have the third Batman, but then we’ll have to reinvent Batman…Chris Nolan and [producing partner and wife] Emma Thomas will be producing it, so it will be a conversation with them about what the next phase is.”

CinemaBlend says Nolan has already made it clear The Dark Knight Rises will be his final directorial role in a Batman project. While he can still produce, it’s a risky move: transferring the reigns from the man who turned Batman into a worldwide, critically-acclaimed franchise could have its share of repercussions.

But Warner Bros. recognizes the massive amount of income Batman currently draws. Considering the company wants to bring DC superheroes together for a Justice League movie, they’ll need Batman “to anchor that and they’ll probably want some sort of solo Batman movie to tie it all together, even if it ends up being nothing like the Batman we know and love now,” writes CinemaBlend.

Finally, by posting the following video, CinemaBlend evidences the horrendous consequence of taking Batman in a new direction after a successful director bolted from the series.