Bob Dylan Cleared to Perform in China

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Bob Dylan Cleared to Perform in China

When Bob Dylan attempted to tour Asia last year, the Ministry of Culture in China barred the legendary musician from performing in the mainland. Several others, like Dylan have been previously banned for their participation counter-culture movements. In response, Dylan cancelled several other planned dates including shows in Hong Kong, Taiwan and South Korea.

However, in a surprising change of heart, the Ministry has recently approved the singer/songwriter for an April performance in Beijing, and a Shanghai show is expected to be approved as well. It is unknown why the Ministry has suddenly gone back on their original decision made just a year ago. Perhaps they saw his performance at this year’s Grammy ceremony? We picture them gesturing to Dylan and saying, “This is what happens to protesters and revolutionaries.”

Whatever the case may be, The Associated Press reports that a condition of the approval stipulates that Dylan must “stick to the program” set forth by ministry officials.