Broken Bells Announce Meyrin Fields EP

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Broken Bells Announce <i>Meyrin Fields</i> EP

Over the course of his career, prominent producer/multi-instrumentalist Brian Burton (AKA: Danger Mouse) has teamed up with a variety of indie-rock acts including Beck, The Black Keys and Sparklehorse. Everything up to this point, however, has been a one-and-done effort. So upon working with James Mercer to create Broken Bells, we figured that the partnership would turn into another one-off project. But perhaps things have changed for Burton, as they just have announced the release of Meyrin Fields later this month.

The duo will release its second effort together, a four-song EP, on March 29. The release, Broken Bells’s follow-up to their Grammy-nominated eponymous debut, will be released in vinyl, CD, softpack and digital formats. Pre-order Meyrin Fields now at

1. Meyrin Fields (previously released digitally)
2. Windows (previously unreleased)
3. An Easy Life (included on itunes LP album release)
4. Heartless Empire (previously unreleased)