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The Texan rockers of Eisley have returned with their third full-length album. As the group tackled treacherous winter roads to promote The Valley, member Stacy DuPree took a few moments to catch up with Paste about the road, family and their latest album.

Paste : You guys are originally from Texas, right? How are you handling the Midwest weather?
DuPree: When we first started the tour, we did not think much of it. We were like, “Let’s get in the van and go on tour,” and it was during a snow storm. The roads were a nightmare; we just could not drive. We got stuck multiple times. Should have crashed—a lot. It was a really scary thing, we almost thought about cancelling the tour, but luckily we pressed on because this is a part of promoting the album. We had a lot of radio things to do so we just couldn’t put that in jeopardy. So it worked out, the roads are finally clear and everything is really beautiful now. The scenery is really awesome because the snow is still everywhere and it is kind of melting and some of the lakes are frozen and it’s kind of a beautiful thing.

Paste : Is there anything that you have to have with you on tour?
DuPree: As far as devices and stuff go, I am kind of a free spirit, I don’t have to have anything with me. Actually, you know what, I say that, but for Christmas my husband got me this electrical blanket and it is a wonderful thing; it has really enhanced my quality of life in the winter time. It’s like a huge heating blanket, it keeps you so warm. So I pretty much take that everywhere I go.

Paste : You have not only been a lot places, but you have gotten to tour with a lot of different bands. How is that experience and have their been any bands that you really loved touring with?
DuPree: I feel really thankful, we’ve gotten to tour with so many neat artists, and to get to grow up around so many creative people and inspiring individuals is pretty amazing. I would have to say my favorite tour would probably either be Coldplay, which was our first tour ever, because it was just so huge. I was 14 and just this huge door opened up and it was kind of overwhelming. I had to learn how to grow up; I learned a lot on that tour, just playing for huge venues. And just to get to see how they conducted themselves, how they were generous and humble, it was very inspiring. That was an amazing experience. Also, the tour we did with Mute Math because that is when I met my husband, Darren King, that would be another great one because that’s how we got to know each other.

Paste : You have been performing with your sisters since you were all children, and you are still playing together. How is that?
DuPree: It’s crazy sometimes and it’s funny how a family dynamic sets in place from such an early time. You all grow up but there’s that still that dynamic. As we have grown up we had to learn to respect each other in that sense and understand that we are all grown ups now and we have to treat each other in that way. It is pretty awesome, we still argue and we get frustrated being all in one place all the time, there’s not much privacy to be honest. Since we’re girls I dont like to go out on my own and walk down the streets around these cities and so we always stick together. I am thankful. I am thankful we all get along. We’re all best friends, for the most part.

Paste : You have been playing music together for most of your lives, what do you see for the future of the band?
DuPree: I do not think anyone knows where the music industry is going right now; it is kind of a complete mess and everything is in a free fall. I feel lucky that we have the footing that we do in this industry. We are not huge, we are not a household name, but at least we do have a footing. Other people are scrambling to get their music out. I do not really think about that part too much. I know that we as people are not really owed anything, like no one is really, so I just try to enjoy the beautiful parts of it, the parts that I love and make me feel alive. Making songs, playing shows, performing and just being true to myself as an artist.

Paste : The Valley is your third full-length album. How has your process changed, if at all?
DuPree: For our first album we were very young and just having fun with it all. This record is definitely more conceptual, it is probably the most conceptual album that we have. It is definitely a picture of our lives in the past few years. Several of us have gone through some darker times. So a lot of the songs were based around real aspirational things as opposed to just writing for creative stakes.

Paste : When it comes to your music, when people are listening to it is there anything in particular you would like them to take away from it?
DuPree: I would say for this record, since it is the most emotionally vulnerable record that we have made so far, I want the industry to know that like everyone else we’re broken and sick inside too and that we go through hardships. I think people look at our band and think, ‘Well, they’re family and they’re homeschooled and they just think they are perfect,’ or something. I am hoping that this record will show people that we do not think that about ourselves and that we went through something very hard and I know a lot of other people have gone through some things so its definitely a record for the broken-hearted. I think it is saying let’s sing about it, because that is better than shopping or going to therapy.

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