Listen to the New Death Cab For Cutie Single

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Listen to the New Death Cab For Cutie Single

Over the past month, Seattle indie rockers Death Cab For Cutie have slowly rolled out news surrounding their forthcoming LP Codes and Keys including album details, tour dates and a live DVD. Now, you can hear Death Cab’s first new single “You Are A Tourist”—a riff-laden track that echoes the recent trend away from the group’s melancholic themes from their earlier years.

Codes and Keys comes out on May 31 via Atlantic Records. Check out “You Are A Tourist” along with the record’s tracklist below.

Codes and Keys tracklist:
1. Home Is A Fire
2. Codes And Keys
3. Some Boys
4. Doors Unlocked And Open
5. You Are A Tourist
6. Unobstructed Views
7. Monday Morning
8. Portable Television
9. Underneath The Sycamore
10. St Peter’s Cathedral
11. Stay Young, Go Dancing