Fate of the World Review (PC, Mac)

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For the first couple hours, I really didn't get Fate of the World. The game repeatedly and unrelentingly kicked my ass, and if that's what I wanted out of something game-related I'd just go to PAX and shout “Ebert was right.” My every action was met with an opposite reaction, generally ending with some variation on the phrase “Russia, North Africa, the Middle East, and the Lost City of Atlantis have gone to war, and it's all your fault.”

Fate of the World was developed and published by Red Redemption Ltd. It is available on PC and Mac. A PC copy of the game was reviewed.

Nathan Grayson is a freelance games writer currently based out of Dallas, Texas. His work has appeared in Maximum PC, GamePro, GamesRadar, The Escapist, and VG247, and he can be found on Twitter @Vahn16. Secretly, however, he's actually a machine powered by vengeance, spite, and chocolate.

Watch the trailer for Fate of the World:

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