Radiant Historia Review (Nintendo DS)

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<em>Radiant Historia</em> Review (Nintendo DS)

I'm a sucker for anime hair, apparently. I continue to play games that at first blush would seem to be for a far younger audience, and I can only guess that I do it for the hair. Atlus is a favorite purveyor of my drug of choice, with their large catalog of both localized/published and self-developed properties, many of which lure me in with the promise of wildly-coiffed, spritely characters and punishing levels of dungeon crawling RPG goodness. Radiant Historia is but another in a long line of my fixes, and, like any addiction, the joy I feel at the first hit becomes overshadowed by a slow realization that I'm really not having as much fun as I thought I would.

Radiant Historia was developed and published by Atlus. It is available for the Nintendo DS.

Rob LeFebvre has been a gamer since the 70's, when his family had a Magnavox Odyssey system and one of them mini arcade cabinet toys with PacMan on it. He's a daddy, a writer, a musician, a web geek, and a mac head, not necessarily in that order. He is also the editor at 148 Apps and The Portable Gamer and can be found on twitter @Roblef.

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