Radiohead to Release Newspaper in Celebration of King of Limbs Physical Release

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Radiohead to Release Newspaper in Celebration of <em>King of Limbs</em> Physical Release

Earlier this week, we got some details about the physical release of Radiohead’s most recent record The King of Limbs, including information about a special thanks to Drew Barrymore. The band has now announced their plans to commemorate the physical release of Limbs by publishing their own newspaper.

Named The Universal Sigh after a lyric in the King of Limbs track “Bloom,” the newspaper will be distributed to vendors worldwide for free on March 28.

“In conjunction with this unbelievable offer,” the announcement at reads, “Radiohead have established THE UNIVERSAL SIGH as a website on the internet, where details of your nearest vendor can be found, as well as more informations and a photogallery where we will be posting photos and the lucky owners of the gratis tabloid are invited to post pictures of themselves and their friends reading the newspaper in locations diverse and unusual. There will be other stuff too, but we haven’t thought of it yet.”

That last bit about “other stuff” should be plenty exciting. However, as the website points out, it is important to remember three things:

1. “This newspaper IS NOT the newspaper that accompanies the Newspaper Album version of The King of Limbs.”
2. “This event WILL NOT be repeated.”
3. “This event IS NOT a live performance by Radiohead.”