Tennessee Gets New "Musical" License Plate

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Tennessee Gets New "Musical" License Plate

Tennessee unveiled a new vanity license plate|newswell|text|FRONTPAGE|p, to commemorate the state’s contribution to music and benefit music education.

The “State of American Music” plates are available now for pre-order. They’ll set you back $35, with a $3 service fee, and proceeds will be distributed by The Gibson Foundation towards music education initiatives led by Tennessee music museums and charities.

The state that is home to Music City, USA has developed the plate because it “properly promotes Tennessee as the most musical state in the nation,” said John Doyle, Executive Director of the Memphis Rock ‘n’ Soul Museum, which received authorization for the plate from the Tennessee State Legislature.

To ensure production, 1,000 plates must be pre-ordered. If they do not garner enough interest within 12 months, the plates will be cancelled and all orders will be refunded.