The Many Faces of Tim Schafer

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Tim Schafer is a very expressive fellow. In addition to being the head of Double Fine Productions and the creator of beloved games like Grim Fandango, Full Throttle, and Psychonauts, he's also a funny, charismatic, and genuinely nice-seeming guy. We received further evidence of this on Wednesday at the Game Developers' Conference, when Schafer hosted the 11th annual GDC Awards.

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The GDC Awards are pretty much the Academy Awards of videogames, and occur each year on the first night of the Game Developers Conference. They are presented immediately after the Independent Games Festival awards, which are basically the Sundance Awards of videogames. (I guess that makes Spike TV's execrable VGA Awards the MTV Movie Awards of videogames). This year featured a fine bunch of nominees, particularly on the IGF front—our breakdown of the winners is here—but the real winner was Schafer himself, who did a fantastic job of hosting the event. His self-deprecating humor, creative comedy bits and nice little jabs at Activision's Bobby Kotick and the Penny Arcade Dickwolf controversy all went over big (particularly at our table), and he brought a welcome spark to the entire night.

Paste's photographer Brian Taylor—whom you can find online here—came along to get some photos of the event, and while going through his shots realized that he had a bit of a montage on his hands. Or maybe even a caption contest. 

After Brian put the photos in order, we found that they tell a story. A saga, if you will, of the many faces of Tim Schafer.

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