TomTom Vs. Tom Tom Magazine

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In today’s fast-moving world, a company’s brand can be their everything. Tom Tom, a female drummer mag, is currently trying to save their brand from the Dutch makers of the TomTom GPS.

The magazine first launched in 2009 and since has expanded, launching fundraisers, shows, tours and parties. Now TomTom GPS is opposing Tom Tom magazine’s trademark and want to limit their output to only a magazine and a website, citing that the two could be confused.

The legal battle is ill-timed for the magazine: They recently had to fund raise on Kickstarter to be able to publish their fourth issue. Meanwhile, TomTom GPS recently acquired the GPS company Tele Atlas for 2.9 billion euros, and they have the funds to drag out this litigation as long as they want.

“The legal fees to proceed with them are in the thousands of dollars, and we cannot afford that,” founding editor, Mindy Abovitz, told “We need to give them an answer by April 1 whether or not we are willing to agree to their terms,” she said.

In the interview with Afterellen, Abovitz said she feels attacked, uncertain as to how anyone could confuse the two very different companies.

“It’s unclear why they’re after us,” Abovitz said. “It’s ridiculous to think we’re a threat. This whole thing could sink us, not forever, but definitely for awhile. It’s really, really difficult. In comparison, it’s like they’re a multi-story high rise building, and we’re a tent. And this could blow us away.”

To learn more about the magazine and what can be done to help save it, visit their website.

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