Watch Rainn Wilson Murder Blitzen Trapper

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Watch Rainn Wilson Murder Blitzen Trapper

In a short film entitled The Blitzen Trapper Massacre, actor Rainn Wilson attempts to join Blitzen Trapper. After the band turns him down, the Office star snaps and begins murdering the band members one by one. Once his bloody retribution has been served, Wilson takes to the stage to cover the band’s song “Furr.” The film was co-written by Wilson and Blitzen Trapper’s Brian Adrian Koch.

Aside from making strange short films with TV stars, Blitzen Trapper will also be releasing a new 7” single for Record Store Day on April 16. The “Maybe Baby” / “Soul Singer” 7” from Sub Pop is limited to 1,500 copies.

Watch the video below:

The Blitzen Trapper Massacre from Brian Adrian Koch on Vimeo.