100 Tasty Bands Combine to Form 50 Tastier Bands

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After sifting through the infinite internet, we found it curious how many band names involve food. Then we decided to combine two food-related bands (Iron & Wine, String Cheese Incident) to form an entirely new, even tastier band (Wine & String Cheese). Sometimes they even create a whole new food item (Chocolate Honey Cone).

Iron & Wine & String Cheese Incident

1.Iron & Wine + String Cheese Incident = Wine & String Cheese

2.Meatloaf + Neutral Milk Hotel = Meatloaf & Milk

3.Black Eyed Peas + Cracker = Black Eyed Peas & Cracker (kinda self explanatory)

4.Beet Box Finest + The Roots = Beetroots


5.Lemonheads + Lia Ices = Lemon Ices

6.Whipped Cream Explosion + Apples in Stereo = Whipped Cream & Apples

7.Death By Chocolate + The Honey Cone = Chocolate Honey Cone

8.Salt ‘n’ Pepa + Disco Biscuits = Salt Biscuits

9.Fiona Apple + Cinnamon = Apple & Cinnamon


10.Swinging Steaks + T-Bone Burnett = T-Bone Steaks

11.Cherry Ghost + Brandy = Cherry Brandy

12.Frightened Rabbit + Fried Man = Fried Rabbit

13.Moldy Peaches + The Honeydrippers = Honeydrippers & Peaches

14.Hot Tuna + Leftover Salmon = Tuna & Salmon

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