Buy Alice: Madness Returns, Get Original Alice

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Buy <em>Alice: Madness Returns</em>, Get Original <em>Alice</em>

American McGee, the man behind the twisted and macabre world of Alice: Madness Returns has revealed that the original American McGee’s Alice is being ported to current-gen consoles, and will be offered as a free download for gamers who pick up a copy of upcoming Alice sequel Madness Returns.

Madness Returns takes Alice back to the twisted world of Wonderland 11 years after the events of the first game. Having fallen into further insanity, the world is now more twisted than ever, and it is up to Alice to defeat the demons that terrorize both her and all of Wonderland.

McGee also revealed that DLC content will be available for Madness in the form of alternate dresses for Alice. “Those dresses come with special abilities,” McGee told CVG, “and enhance how you play through the game.”

Alice: Madness Returns is set for a June 14 release.