Fugazi Digitally Archiving All Their Concerts

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Fugazi Digitally Archiving All Their Concerts

Post-punkers Fugazi are digitally archiving 15 years’ worth of shows for sale online. And not just a select few concerts from each year, but every single one.

Ian Mackaye, founder of Dischord Records and Fugazi (along with Joe Lally, Brendan Canty and Guy Picciotto), tells the Approaching Oblivion blog, “What I’m currently working on right now is going through a database of 1000’s of live recordings we have. I’m editing and fixing things up, we’ve been working on this project for two years now. We’re going to create a website, where all of these recordings will be made available.”

Yes, thousands of live recordings. Mackaye says they’d do “65 shows in 70 days.” Most of the shows are on cassette or digital audio tape, and they’re currently undergoing a mastering process. Afterwards, Mackaye must go through every file and insert “index points” in between each song so the recording is split accordingly, as opposed to a straight two-hour long file.