Mad Men to Wrap After Three More Seasons

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Fans of AMC series Mad Men were recently subjected to a series of scares regarding first, the possible cancellation of the show and second, the rumor that, if saved, it might have to continue without the careful eye of series creator/producer Matthew Weiner. Luckily, all contractual issues were worked out, and AMC has ordered a fifth season with Weiner on board.

However, Weiner has just announced that the series will only run for three more seasons, starting with the fifth season. “I’m still going to put everything I have into every episode,” Weiner told The Hollywood Reporter, “but seven seasons seems like the right length for the life of the show and I’m very excited knowing that I have that canvas to paint on.”

Weiner plans to begin mapping out the new season soon, after which his writing staff will rejoin him four or five weeks later, with production slated to begin in July. The show is now set to return to AMC in March 2012.

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