Morrissey Talks Upcoming Autobiography

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Morrissey Talks Upcoming Autobiography

Morrissey, former frontman of The Smiths, recently confirmed that he’s finished his autobiography.

He unveiled the news in an interview with BBC Radio 4’s Front Row. When asked how far into the book he is, he said, “Well, I’ve reached the re-drafting, trimming stage.”

Morrissey went on to say, “I’ve been through the whole life in many ways and I just wonder if 660 pages are too much for people to bear. And then I sit down and think, well, are six pages too much for people to bear? I really don’t know. I’m trimming.”

He doesn’t have a publishing deal, but he wants Penguin Classics to handle it. The problem is that Penguin Classics primarily manages already-established literary franchises.

Morrissey simply said, “I can’t see why not.”

He also denied any Smiths reunion plans. “It won’t happen. Nah. I don’t think so,” he said. “There’s no reunion point. There really is no point at all that I can think of, and that’s that.”