Prince Wants to Make Covering His Songs Illegal

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Prince Wants to Make Covering His Songs Illegal

Via The A.V. Club: Recently, Prince performed on George Lopez’s Lopez Tonight, during which he announced that thinks covering songs should be illegal. Or at least covers of his songs.

The artist has a history of being very protective of his songs; he has battled with his labels in the past for ownership of his work and has not hesitated to sue those who have posted his songs on their websites.

Now he wants it to be illegal for other artists to cover his song, calling for a change to the licensing of copyright that allows singers under the same label to rework each other’s music. Prince made the point that this doesn’t exist in any other art form, such as movies or books. But, the multiple fairy tale re-workings in Hollywood right now suggest otherwise.

We love you Prince, and we feel your pain, but everyone loves a good cover song.