Spotify Restricts Free Usage

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Spotify will be changing its limits on free service, cutting back to 10 hours a month starting May 1.

“Making Spotify available to millions across Europe has seen the service become incredibly popular. People are listening to more music and from a wider range of artists than ever before, and are giving up on piracy, which is exactly what we hoped would happen,” Spotify said in a blog post. “So it’s vital that we continue offering an on-demand free service to you and millions more like you, but to make that possible we have to put some limits in place going forward.”

Users who have subscribed to the Unlimited and Premium services will be unaffected. Other users will keep the current 20-hour limit for the first six months. If they signed up before November 1, their account will change on May 1, but if they signed up after their account will be unchanged for six months. Also, users will only be able to play each track a total of five times.

The service first launched in October 2008 and is currently only available in Sweden, Finland, France, the U.K., Norway, the Netherlands and Spain. Spotify is currently in negotiations to bring the service to the U.S. The company recently signed a deal with Sony, but there has been no news as when the service will be available to American users.

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