Black Lips Drank Champagne from Mark Ronson's Grammy

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Black Lips Drank Champagne from Mark Ronson's Grammy

Black Lips’ lead singer Cole Alexander recently admitted to Spinner that the band drank champagne from one of producer Mark Ronson’s Grammys before they had even met him.

“A couple of my friends invited me over to his house when they were house-sitting before I even met Mark,” Alexander explained.

“We were going through his Grammys and so my friend poured some champagne into the Grammy cup and we started drinking out of it. It was like the fountain of youth but the fountain of Grammy — like, I knew when I tasted out of there, I was going get me one of these, like, ‘We gotta work with this guy.’”

The Black Lips  followed through on their mystical, Grammy-drinking-induced inspiration by going into the studio with Ronson to produce their forthcoming album. The record, Arabia Mountain, is due out June 7.

Watch the video for Arabia Mountain track “Modern Art” below: