The Grammys Cut Categories for 54th Annual Awards Ceremony

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The Recording Academy announced multiple changes to The Grammys yesterday, including the decision to chop the number of categories from 109 to 78.

Changes include: pop-collaborations will be weighed under the pop duos/group category, rock soloists and rock groups will be judged together in a best rock category and solo rappers and rap groups will compete in one category as well.

Pop performers will be merged into one pop solo category. R&B sees a similar change with female, male and groups being judged in one category.

Instrumental tracks, urban/alternative and contemporary categories have all been removed. Traditional folk and contemporary folk will be judged as folk, traditional and contemporary blues are now just blues; and Hawaiian, Native American, and Zydeco or Cajun have all been put into in one-size-fits-all regional roots music category.

There have been many other category changes as well as name changes, voting changes and the number of entrants per category has gone up from 25 to 40. If the number of entries aren’t met for three consecutive years then the category will be closed.

Check out The Grammyswebsite for the full list of changes in effect for next year’s awards.

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