The Strokes Working on Angles Follow-Up, Initial Sessions Stalled

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The Strokes Working on <em>Angles</em> Follow-Up, Initial Sessions Stalled

The Strokes  recently entered the studio to begin work on the follow-up to their newest album, _Angles, released just last month. However, frontman Julian Casablancas has come forward, stating that the writing sessions were initially delayed.

The singer explained that he and guitarist Nick Valensi, who was organizing the sessions, had been in a disagreement over some Strokes songs Valensi previously tried to use for a solo record.

“He [Valensi] wanted to do a solo record of songs we that we arranged together in The Strokes but because we have a contract he wasn’t allowed to do that,” Casablancas told Qonline_preview_arctic_mon.html.

“I only cancelled the writing sessions because I told him I wanted to be done with this record first,” he added. “We had a plan for a writing session but we hadn’t finished this record by then. I stuck to my story on that one.”

Despite the discord, Bassist Nikolai Fraiture recently tweeted that the sessions have resumed, and the band is in the studio working on “new ideas.”